the reality about reality

Stories about the Frameworks, Patterns and Mechanisms of Reality Creation

Why Your Business Is Depressed

Reality Creation Is Not Only Possible. It Is Inevitable.

"At its core, the universe is ruled by what is called increasing entropy: the growing lack of order and predictability. Or better yet, the gradual decline into disorder and chaos.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why your business sometimes, frequently or constantly feels insecure, anxious or depressing?" [...]

Reality Creation Is The New Yoga

How Businesses Can Advance Through Creating Reality

"The idea that our existence is embedded in a reality that transcends the small sliver we identify as such, is a proven fact. And the evidence suggested by the laws of physics, that we can influence and actively shape reality is conclusive.

But does this really work? [...]

Reality Is Made Of Narrative

How Businesses Can Program Reality To Change Their Future

"The concept that reality is a compliant matter and can be shaped through the power of narrative is, in a way, so familiar and blatantly ubiquitous that it is likely to be overlooked, in much the same way as we suppose that the fish will be the last to discover water." [...]