Our story

My name is Christoph. I’m the founder of DDilettanti – a Future / Reality Consultancy.

A couple of decades ago, I started my career as an art director in the advertising industry. I worked on both national and international campaigns to develop brands that would help our clients position their companies in their respective industries.

I realized that creating artificial identities to temporarily increase sales for big corporations wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I decided to join our family business: 100 people designing, engineering, and manufacturing industrial electronics. My background in design didn’t seem to help much in this traditional business environment. So I watched closely and tried to learn how business works.

For ten years, I found myself embedded in a stalling corporate environment, a company that identified itself with its glorified past. An organization that was at odds with its confused outlook into the future.

The distress I experienced when trying to run this aimless, anxious venture drove me to rethink business as a whole and my company in particular.

I realized that the traditional this-is-how-it’s-done method of doing business wasn’t working for us. When I looked into the future, I saw my company slipping into insignificance and eventually dying a slow death. That wasn’t an option.

"I decided to use the tools I knew best – I decided to design the future of my company. In fact, I decided to design the Company of the Future."

I dug deep to unearth my own values and ambitions to uncover the corresponding parts in my company’s DNA. My plan was to transform the company into an entirely new form of organization.

A real-time business-laboratory built to push the boundaries of what it meant to be a company in an ever-changing society.

It took me more than two years and a lot of trial-and-error to imagine, identify, and manifest my thoughts into my vision of The Company of the Future.

I subsequently started to transform the business.  This process turned the company into a poster child for innovative organizational structures and made it a widely noticed and publicized pioneer of the New Work movement in Central Europe.

We started winning prices, garner the interest of prominent corporations, media, and experts alike. We had become a poster child for a new type of company and it all just started with an idea.

"My thoughts had become reality."

When I dug into it I discovered a pattern, a framework, and a mechanism. I realized that reality was not what it seemed. It is literally what I made it.

This is what inspired DDilettanti and CLEAR AS_*.