the systematic
design of bespoke
future reality

We use our proven process to help advance your business from what it currently is to what it is becoming.

What we do, summed up in one simple formula:

Imagination + Manifestation = Future Reality

We start every project by isolating and collecting your most relevant thoughts and ideas about the future you want for your business.

To do this, we use our proprietary CLEAR AS_* FutureMapping engine. This online program will lead you through a sequence of self-paced modules.

These exercises are designed to extract the essential mind fragments we use to form a detailed image of your desired future reality.
We call this guided imagination.


Then we connect the mind-fragments you generate during the future mapping process to form a precise blueprint of your business’ desired future.

We call this the Story of Your Future

The Story of Your Future is an extensive report that describes the building blocks of your business’ desired future reality in detail.


Based on The Story of Your Future, we develop a personalized identity that embodies your company’s desired future self.

Use this newly crafted brand identity to advance your company from what it currently is to what it is becoming.

We call this Sequential Brand Alignment.

Or work with us to create a future reality in waiting: a virtual business-simulation to test new ideas, markets and audiences.  

Your Bespoke Future Reality

We work with you to:

  • Imagine your business' desired future reality. Experience guided imagination with our CLEAR AS_*Future Mapping engine to create the blueprint for your company's future.
  • Imagine & Manifest: we pull the future into the present by creating a personalized identity. Based on The Story Of Your Future, we craft a detailed avatar of your company's future self.
  • Imagine, Manifest & Build: partner with us to develop and build a bold prototype of your desired future reality. We create a bespoke reality-simulation to form perceptions, refine audiences or examine future markets. Test & adapt before you decide to go live.

imagine together?